LEAP LEADS/City Fellows Scholarship

The LEAP LEADs program was created in 2020 to cultivate professional and “soft-skills” of SHSU students. City Fellows, which is an internship program supplemented by professional training, also serves to expand and refine students’ skill set. Committees are established to vet applicants to both programs. For LEAP LEADs, the committee makes the final decision on acceptance. For City Fellows, the committee determines which applicants get interviews, but agency supervisors make the final decision on their intern choice.

The following factors are considered:

  • GPA, with 2.8 or higher being strongly preferred;
  • Interview performance;
  • Essay and/or references

Students not accepted by the LEAP LEADs Committee or the City Fellows program are not eligible for this scholarship. The recipient must agree to the release of information to the donor such as name, hometown, major, GPA, etc. The scholarship will be withdrawn during any disciplinary, probationary, or suspension period incurred while enrolled at Sam Houston State University.