Bone Hill Foundation Scholarship

The Bone Hill Foundation was established in 1967 by Will Bridges with the goal of helping those in need. Originally the property linked to the Foundation was called the Bone Hill Ranch. During a very long drought, many cows died and were dragged to the top of a hill. The story goes that since the land was more pasture than timber, for miles around a person could see the white bones of the cows…thus the name “Bone Hill Ranch”. In 1991, the board linked to the Foundation was reorganized and the focus was placed on scholarships for students to attend traditional or vocational colleges. A major part of Bone Hill assets, and what generates funds for distribution, is timber resources. A management plan has been developed that includes timber, wildlife, and the entire property providing a balanced plan for natural resources. The Bone Hill Foundation currently awards scholarships to each high school in Shelby County as well as scholarship funds to Angelina College, Panola College, the University of Texas system, Texas A&M University, and Stephen F. Austin State University and is pleased to partner with Sam Houston State University.

Academic Affairs