Beth R. Smith Glasshoff '15 Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship

Beth R. Smith Glasshoff attended Sam Houston State University from 2013-2015. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice in December 2015. Beth is a medical officer/jailer and works nights with the Burleson County Sheriff’s department. Beth is an avid outdoorsy person and prefers to spend the majority of her time outdoors – tinkering in the garage, building things, fixing things, fishing, tent camping, hiking and exploring. Growing up she was heavily involved in 4H – showed pens of heifers, showed horses, was on the horse judging team, and was also involved in baking and cooking competitions. She has the most memories from youth out al her family ranch where she spent the majority of her free lime. She helped with daily operations and also enjoyed the free lime fishing and riding her horse and exploring around. She had a very active imagination
Dudley and Angela completed graduate degrees at Michigan State University in 1968 and then pursued professional careers in Texas. Dudley’s greatest satisfactions were in enabling others to reach higher and achieve more. The Smiths ··Grow People" goal is ro leave a legacy of discovery for others through stimulation and new experiences where they can be of service lo their communities. The Smiths’ mission has been to try to leave any place a little beller than you found it and to help others enrich their lives.

College of Criminal Justice