COHS Bridge Program

The COHS Bridge Program was created to encourage the transition of junior and senior SHSU undergraduate students to pursue graduate programs. Students will be provided with faculty mentoring, research experience, meaningful outreach opportunities, social engagement, and academic preparation for graduate school. The COHS Bridge Program is a one year program.
A recipient of the COHS Bridge Program Scholarship must:

  • have completed at least 60 credit hours
  • be majoring in any program within the College of Health Sciences
  • maintain a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide your primary phone number (student)
  2. Please provide your total family AGI.
  3. Please provide a response, in 300 words or less, to each of the following prompts:
    • Describe your family and educational background.
    • Describe your professional career goals.
    • Describe your research interests and provide any previous experience in research.
    • Identify two COHS faculty with whom you would like to work with for a research project. Provide a rationale of why you chose each person.
    • What are your educational goals? Describe the graduate degree, and field of study, you would like to pursue and why.
  4. Please upload your current resume/curriculum vita(CV).
  5. Please upload a letter of recommendation from an SHSU faculty/staff member