Beeson Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Joseph B. Snodgrass

John Beeson attended Sam Houston State Teachers College from 1959 until 1962 when he entered law school at South Texas College of Law. John Beeson wished to honor Mr. Snodgrass, a well known SHSU professor, by establishing an endowment to fund scholarships for students majoring in the field of engineering technology at Sam Houston State University. J.B. Snodgrass was born March 16, 1903 in Tenaha, Texas lo George and Mary Snodgrass. Encouraged by his parents to attend college, he initially attended Stephen F. Austin University. Wishing to pursue a degree in industrial arts, Snodgrass then moved to Huntsville to attend Sam Houston Stale Teachers College and subsequently Texas A&M University where he received degrees from both universities. He also studied at Colorado A&M University at Fort Collins and the University of Houston. Snodgrass was added to the Sam Houston faculty in 1939 to assist Mr. Victor Randel in the teaching of both industrial arts and vocational education classes. Being economically-minded way before acceptance by others, Snodgrass taught his students to make the best use of what they had before spending the university’s money needlessly. Despite criticism from pessimists, he and Mr. Randel initiated a program for their students to participate in a program that would improve their existing equipment and renovate the manual arts shops that would save the university money. Snodgrass was not only admired by his students but also by the local community. This scholarship is established in honor of Joseph B. Snodgrass to provide financial assistance to a student who fits the requirements of the scholarship.

Engineering Technology