SHSU Computer Science Dept. Scholarship

Solomon Schneider was born in New York City (first generation American) who enlisted in the USAF and volunteered to serve in Vietnam, at Cam Ranh Bay, 1967, and used the GI Bill to earn his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin, 1973. He earned an MS. in Instructional Computing (Education) from University of Houston Clear Lake in 2000. Mr. Schneider has three years of experience teaching high school science, chemistry, physics, algebra and trigonometry, 11 years experience as a chemist in purifying municipal drinking water and recycling industrial waste water for Atlantic Richfield, three years experience as the lone chemist on the Space Station Freedom NASA project to monitor purity of recycled water, and 15 years experience developing and teaching courses about chemistry fundamentals and the reprocessing or incineration of nuclear and chemical wastes at electrical power plants and US nuclear weapons facilities. Mr. Schneider lives in Huntsville, Texas with his beloved Scottish terrier, Max. He is a former lecturer at Sam Houston State University and typically taught five classes of introductory computer science classes per semester. His interests are presentation software and computer assisted instruction (CAI). Mr. Schneider said his colleagues in Computer Science were like un adopted family for him/or the past 11 years.