Allene Susie Homan Memorial Library Science Endowed Scholarship

Allene Susie Holman was born in 1923 in rural Oklahoma and was moved to the city of Weslaco, Texas by her parents who had discovered oil on their farm. She graduated from high school in 1940 and became a war bride when she married a GI stationed at Moore Field. Allene raised two children, Ron Jr. and Helen, with her husband Ron Sr. When Allene’s mother dispersed the oil royalties among her children, Allene had the funds to go to college and become an elementary school teacher. While teaching 4th grade at Texas City’s Heights Elementary School, Allene continued her studies at Sam Houston State University and earned her Master of Library Science in 1974. Shortly thereafter she became the librarian at Heights. She taught school for 27 years and was a member and president of the Texas City chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma. Allene’s hobbies included reading, gardening, music, travel and ballroom dancing. This scholarship was established to assist with education expenses.

Library Science