Baptist Women's Cecil M. Jones and Dorothy Ann Dixon Jones Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Baptist Women’s Cecil M. Jones and Dorothy Ann Dixon Jones Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established by the Baptist Women’s Group of Calvary Baptist Church, of Huntsville, Texas. Cecil and Dorothy Ann Dixon Jones were lifelong members of Calvary Baptist Church. Their personal leadership in the church was unwavering and extraordinary. For almost 50 years, the tracks of their service were evidenced by the lives they touched throughout the community. Dorothy held countless leadership positions from student ministry to women’s ministries church-wide. Cecil and Dorothy had four children, young men of faith, and raised them by the standards they set for themselves when they were wed after the war. Cecil served in the military during World War II, and Dorothy contributed her volunteer efforts to the war effort as well as community-specific organizations. They were professionals, also in the area of service of the citizens in Huntsville, as well as surrounding communities. Cecil was a businessman and a schoolteacher until retirement. Dorothy was a public school teacher and administrator for over 40 years. She completed her professional career as an elementary school teacher with Houston Independent School District. She was a graduate of Sam Houston State Teachers’ College, known today as Sam Houston State University.

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