Sweet Carpenter Presidential Endowed Scholarship

Mrs. Carpenter was born at Kemp in Kaufman County and moved to Trinity with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Yarborough. As an adult in Trinity, she was known as an organizer, expediter and willing helper, giving freely of her services and time. She helped with weddings, banquets, parties, and funerals, and was always there to aid families in need, working with the Red Cross, Eastern Star, Parent-Teacher Association and all the churches and clubs in the community. Jess Bell, Mayor of Trinity, set aside a special day proclaiming it “Sweet Carpenter Appreciation Day”, in recognition of Mrs. Carpenter’s unselfish help in the community. Many of her friends and family attended the ceremony at Trinity High School.
The Sweet Carpenter President’s Endowed Scholarship is among the most prestigious scholarships awarded by Sam Houston State University. It is awarded to those students whose academic accomplishments and capabilities are excellent in every respect

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