Arleigh B. Templeton Endowment Fund

Arleigh Brantley Templeton, a native of New Waverly and a graduate of Sam Houston, succeeded Harmon Lowman as president of Sam Houston Normal Institute, serving from 1964 – 1970. When Templeton resigned in 1970, the enrollment had reached 8,602 and the University both in appearance and organization had departed dramatically from the nom1al institute era. Subsequently, Templeton served as president of University of Texas at San Antonio during the initial construction of the new campus and later as president of the University of Texas at El Paso. This endowment will ensure that Dr. Templeton’s name, and his great love for educating and training the young people of Texas, will be kept alive for generations to come. The Arleigh B. Templeton Scholarship is awarded by Sam Houston State University. As a Templeton Scholarship recipient, you will receive one thousand dollars ($1000) for the fall ($500) and spring ($500) semesters following the date of the award.

$1000 F/S F-$500/S-$500
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