Yancey M. Holmes Endowed Scholarship

This endowment is being established in honor of Yancey M. Holmes, the Donors’ son, to provide financial assistance to selected students. Dr. Maria A. Holmes is assistant director of the Elliott T Bowers Honors College and is dedicated to working with high ability students. She worked with the Bowers Honors College since 2013 and previously worked with the University of Houston Honors College. She holds two degrees from Sam Houston State University College of Education. Frank R. Holmes has served educational institutions in senior advancement roles for more than thirty years. He was appointed by President James Gaertner as Sam Houston State University’s Vice President for University Advancement in 2003. During this time, the division has g own from less than 20 employees lo nearly 50 and has experienced significant growth in all aspects of alumni relations, fund raising, marketing, community relations, and alumni-development records.

Yancey M Holmes, the son of Maria and Frank, greatly valued education and lifelong learning. He was the second of three children and was born October 22, 1985, in Houston, Texas. Yancey had a warm, loving personality. At an early age he became an outstanding student and promising athlete. He was identified for the Duke University gifted and talented program at age 12. He aspired to attend Duke or an Ivy League university, saying he knew that he would need to secure a merit-based scholarship. When his parents took positions at Christ School in Asheville, North Carolina, Yancey enrolled in the boarding school, making outstanding grades and competing in athletics. As a freshman, he was proud to have played a significant role on the varsity football team and gained 65 yards in a state playoff game. At age 14, he began to evidence signs of depression and eventually was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. He was unable to slay on medication and left high school. His disability made it challenging to seek treatment and function effectively for any extended period of time. He took his own life on December 22, 2013, in Huntsville, Texas. This scholarship honors his memory as a wonderful person, who cared about people, and understood the value of a higher education.