Emmett Solomon Endowed Internship Scholarship

Supplemental Questions
  1. Will you be entering an internship during the upcoming academic year?
  2. Will you be serving as an intern or engaged in a practicum in an organization actively utilizing restorative practices to mend broken relationships in an objective and non-prejudicial manner? Such organizations include: a) the courts utilizing pre-trial, post-trial and alternative to trial encounters to hold those who engage in wrong-doing to amend their relationships with those they have harmed; or b) the public schools and institutions of higher education that resolve conflicts among students and/or students and faculty; or c) penal institutions resolving conflict between inmates, correctional personnel, correctional personnel and inmates; or d) social welfare agencies (501(c)(3) or public) resolving disputes between clients and between clients and the agency. Please explain the nature of your internship below.