Pruski Family Scholarship

Jeffrey Pruski had it in his heart to set up this scholarship to help support his Alma-mater and educate medical students who will impact society and help solve the lack of medical professionals in rural Texas. He also intends to help medical students alleviate some of the financial burden of medical education as he personally understands the stress that it produces in their lives. Just like the one priest who sent a letter to his countrymen to come to Texas in 1854, so that they could improve and elevate their lives, Dr. Jeffrey Pruski has it in his heart to help support and improve the lives of medical students and ultimately, the people they will care for in the future.

The recipient must be a full-time osteopathic medical student at the Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine; and (2) must be in good academic standing. Financial need will be a consideration, but not a determining factor.